The MomBabes: A Motherhood Anthology

The MomBabes: A Motherhood Anthology Volume 2 is a collection of stories that reveal the complex and resilient inner lives of 18 incredible mothers. Within this anthology we share
our stories of challenges, triumphs, and transformations in our motherhood journey.

Readers will see a little bit of themselves in these stories. The pages explore the most meaningful and often vulnerable pieces of our lives. The places we have stumbled, learned, and found beauty.
Instead of offering advice, we offer you ourselves. Our hearts, our truths, our embarrassing confessions, our biggest fears, and those little midnight epiphanies that keep us up at night.

The writers in this collection share their paths to self-acceptance and these stories offer a different kind of motherhood reality. The place where the filter comes off, struggle and strength are celebrated, and we realize we are more alike than different.

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“Rebuilding our lives proved we were capable of creating from seemingly nothing”
~ Lyndsey Zigar