Fall Wisdom

As Fall settles around us we are gently invited to slow down, look inward and recharge.


Fall is a time to relish the abundance of food at the end of the growing season, to reflect with gratitude on all that we have been given in our lives, to seek balance and harmony in our inner and outer worlds, to release physical and emotional baggage, and to cleanse and prepare for a period of deep introspection. It is a time of letting go, particularly of old griefs, attachments or feelings that are holding us back.


You can support your body and mind with this change of season by nourishing yourself with the following activities:

* Warming and Nourishing Foods

* Engaging in Daily Breathing Exercises

* Supporting Your Immune System

* Protecting Your Neck with a scarf when there’s a chill in the air

* Tending your garden and giving thanks for the bounty it’s provided this year

* Taking Time to Play in the fallen leaves

* Making Time for Reflection & Letting Go of what is no longer serving you

* Spend Time with the people in your life who renew your spirits

* Organizing and Letting Go of Clutter in Your Home

* Creating or Re-Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet

* Turning Your Efforts Towards Recharging