Suffering In Silence

I had been suffering for far too long.


Suffering in silence.


Calm, cool and collected on the outside; ravaged by fear and scarcity on the inside.


The past decade has been challenging and the last 2 years brought me to my knees.


I made smart responsible decisions to provide for my family – which left me unhappy, unfulfilled and TRIGGERED!


Like many of you, navigating the pandemic as a working parent has been FUCKING hard!


  • I launched my own solo ND practice in Squamish, BC as I returned from maternity leave 2 weeks before the pandemic hit
  • I worked unfulfilling jobs to bridge through the unknown as I started up my solo practice
  • I managed childcare shortages, extreme daycare costs and family illness
  • I tolerated professional censorship
  • I endured social isolation and continuously disrupted routines


And then the opportunity to share my story with The MomBabes: A Motherhood Anthology Volume 2 presented itself.


I knew deep in my soul I needed to share my story, the story that I had been working so hard for years to keep quiet, while I soldiered on doing the things I was supposed to do.


What I didn’t know when I wrote my story for @themombabes, was that the challenges the pandemic brought into my life + the process of bringing my story to life on paper would trigger PTSD and panic attacks.


I also didn’t know that in writing my story, I would be writing my very own prescription for healing. The pages I share were divinely inspired and channeled from my deep-seated wisdom as I connected to the light that surrounds me.


I hope that my story inspires you. Inspires you to connect with the light that surrounds you. And if not my story, I know you will find the connection and inspiration you so desperately need in one of the other 17 authors’ stories.


I invite you to purchase our book through my link in bio above and share it with your loved ones.